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Cognitive Communication Disorders

What are Cognitive Communication Disorders?

Cognitive communication disorders are problems with communication that have an underlying cause in a cognitive deficit rather than a primary language or speech deficit.

A cognitive communication disorder can  result in impairment in one or more of the following domains:

  • Attention

  • Insight and judgment

  • Memory

  • Perception

  • Orientation

  • Organization

  • Processing speed

  • Problem solving

  • Reasoning

  • Executive functioning

  • Metacognition


Our Boca Raton Speech Therapist Can Help!

What are the Causes of  Cognitive Communication Disorders?

Cognitive communication disorders could be caused by traumatic brain injuries (TBI), neurological disorders, progressive brain degeneration, strokes, tumors, diseases, birth defects etc…

What  is the Treatment for Cognitive Communication Disorders?

A speech-language pathologist will perform an evaluation and determine which cognitive domains are impacted. Treatment will focus on targeting these impairments and providing strategies to support the areas impacted. The focus is on functional outcomes,  improving quality of life and providing support and resources for the individual and their family/caregivers.

Our South Florida Pediatric Speech Therapists treat cognitive communication disorders in children. 

If you would like to schedule your child for an evaluation please contact us here.

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