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Online Speech Therapy Tools For Kids

At-Home Online Speech Therapy Tools For Smart Phones, iPad, Laptop & Desktop Computers

Expressions 4 Kids Apraxia Program targets various consonant and vowel sound combinations with increasing complexity to improve motor planning skills for sequencing sounds in syllables.


This program is a fun way to target the following structures: CV, VC, CVC, CV1CV2, C1V1C2V2 and CVCVCV (C=consonant, V=vowel) syllables to improve speech sound production skills.

Expressions 4 Kids Speech and Language Kit targets spatial concepts, function, feature and class concepts, comparing and contrasting, language organization, and working memory skills. This program is a fun way to work on receptive and expressive language skills.


Expressions 4 Kids Processing Program targets auditory and language processing skills to improve comprehension through a hierarchy of picture fields.

Expressions 4 Kids Early Intervention Kit targets speech and language through fun and interactive children's nursery rhymes.

Expressions 4 Kids Scavenger Hunt is an interactive activity where your kiddo can search for specified objects or item features in their house. This activity targets following directions, labeling, and function, feature, and class concepts. 

Learning Toys

Click below to visit our BoomLearning page to access our online speech therapy tools for children:

Our South Florida Pediatric Speech Therapists also offer online speech and language therapy sessions to all children and teenagers in the state of Florida. 


If you would like to schedule your child for an evaluation please contact us here.

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