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Oral Motor Disorders

What are Oral Motor Disorders?

An oral motor disorder is characterized by oral motor weakness or impaired function of the tongue, lips, or jaw impacting speech and/or feeding.


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What are Early Signs of an Oral  Motor Disorder?


  • Difficulty sticking their lips out to give a kiss

  • Frequent drooling

  • Open mouth position at rest

  • Food getting stuck in their cheeks.

  • Food spilling out of their mouth while eating


What  Causes an Oral Motor Disorder?


The exact cause is unknown but it is believed to be linked to neurological conditions, genetic conditions or birth defects.


What is Treatment for an Oral Motor Disorder?


A speech-language pathologist will perform an evaluation and oral motor examination to determine deficits in strength or range of motion of your child’s articulators. Treatment will focus on oral motor exercises and  targeting improved coordination of muscle movements through repetition of syllables, words, and phrases.

Our Board Certified Pediatric Speech Therapists treat oral motor disorders in children, infants, and babies.

If you would like to schedule your child for an evaluation please contact us here.

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