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Disorders of Reading and Writing

What are Disorders of Reading and Writing?

A reading disorder involves the impairment of reading accuracy, speed, and/or comprehension.  A writing disorder may involve difficulty organizing and expressing thoughts in writing or difficulty with grammatical structures. Reading disorders and writing disorders can occur alone but are often present together. Spelling impairment can affect both reading and writing.


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What are the Symptoms of Disorders of Reading and Writing?

  • Slow silent and oral reading fluency

  • Transposing letters

  • Poor reading comprehension

  • Omissions or word reversals during oral reading

  • Difficulty identifying letters or single words

  • Difficulty spelling

  • Difficulty organizing and expressing written thoughts

  • Poor grammar

  • Poor phonemic awareness skills (rhyming, blending, segmenting)

  • Limited vocabulary

  • Difficulty with inferencing skills and figurative language concepts

Deficits in reading, writing, and spelling can affect one or more language domains.

What causes Reading and Writing Disorders?

The exact cause is unknown but research suggests reading and writing deficits are partially caused by genetic inheritance. 

What is the Treatment for Reading and Writing Disorders?

Treatment will focus on improving areas  of weakness such as reading comprehension, grammar, language organization, spelling, sight word recognition, reading fluency, reading accuracy etc…

Our Palm Beach County Pediatric Speech Therapists can help with reading and writing disorders. 

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